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If you ask a question about correct citation and look for information on the Internet, you will find several tips from experienced students:

  • make footnotes at the bottom of the page (indicate the source);
  • indicate the author and publish information through the colon;
  • etc.

Do you think it all works in practice? Unfortunately, we will have to disappoint you.

At the moment, there are no ways to isolate citation so that verification services do not reduce the percentage of uniqueness. Quotes, footnotes, or parentheses will not help you!

Learning to quote correctly

You already know that all borrowing will reduce the final percentage of uniqueness, but you cannot do without them. So your task is to minimize plagiarism.

Here are the important rules:

1. Cut a quote. Leave only the most important thing, ignoring the introductory constructions, “water,” additional explanations. The less you copy, the better.

Do not copy huge paragraphs. Almost every scientific definition has several formulations – choose the most concise.

Dilute borrowing with unique text. You took a quote – supplement it with your comments or thoughts, and only then go on to the next one.

 Increase the amount of work. If in the theoretical part, I had to copy too much text, then “stretch” the practice. The more unique content in work, the higher the total percentage of originality.

Transfer borrowing to applications. Some teachers test only text, and applications are considered separate stand-alone material.

Sometimes it is possible to achieve a high percentage of uniqueness just by observing these simple rules. If it does not help, then there are other ways to get around anti-plagiarism.

Check the work

Remember once and for all: you do not have to wait for the uniqueness check in the university. Check it yourself. If the university rejects the text, then only a few days will be left to eliminate the comments. Therefore, you can simply not make it. And if you find out the percentage in advance, then the chances of time to fix everything are much higher. As you can see, it is not easy at all to quote correctly, therefore you need to be careful.