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Research implies your personal experience in data processing, but very often, there is a need to mention materials from other studies. Your arguments will be taken much more convincingly if you confirm them with theoretical excerpts, and innovative findings will cause a sensation in the event that they disprove materials from previous studies. Incorrect quoting can ruin the entire thesis and jeopardize your professionalism due to accusations of plagiarism.

Basic citation rules

The choice of the source is essential. Choose for yourself several reliable and most widely covering sources on the topic and use them first. You should not focus on the side literature. It can distract you from the topic. But secondary literature is quite relevant in order to show how widely you looked at the problem.

If, after reading specific literature, you have your own understanding of what was written, you can easily state it. It is necessary to indicate on the basis of which source conclusions were drawn. The only parts in which quotations cannot be inserted are the introduction and conclusion.

Do not place more than three quotes on one sheet. It is not necessary to reproduce the quote from the beginning. If necessary, it is enough to open the quotes and start with a capital letter. If part of the phrase does not carry the meaning you need, then you can omit this unnecessary part. At the same time, after the quotation marks, you need to put a three-dot and begin with a lowercase letter to quote the information you need. Name the author in the text is required.

The name is best indicated as a link. Essential components of this reference will be square brackets and a number that corresponds to the same number in the bibliographic list and points to a specific article, book, or regulatory document. You can also make a footnote. It is nothing more than additional text placed separately at the bottom of the page under the main text. Separate it is worth a small horizontal line. It can explain or decipher the primary material and is also recorded as a link, but only with underscores.