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Social networks convincingly show us that people love quotes. We often see them in pictures, and we like some of them so much that we remember them. Quotes in essays are especially important. Therefore, it is essential to know how to quote books.

Quote only the necessary information

Before choosing suitable quotes, understand what you are planning to achieve, that is, how they can help your text in a particular place where you are going to put them.

It is not necessary to insert quotations into the text only to demonstrate your acquaintance with the works of others; they must reinforce your thoughts.

However, the selection of the right quotes is not always an easy task. It so happens that the quotations that at first seemed suitable to you gradually cease to be such as you finish and revise the text.

Since the writing process does not always evolve according to a pre-planned scenario, sometimes you find that the quote, which initially served as the ideal support for your arguments, stops working.

Therefore, the formulation of theses and the selection of quotations to them are not always separate sequential stages of work.

When you are deeply immersed in the work on the text, revisiting and editing it again and again, the relationship between your arguments and the selected quotes may change more than once.

Finding suitable quotes is only part of your work; In addition, you need to present them in such a way that their meaning and attitude towards your words are obvious to the reader.

Since the quotes do not speak for themselves, you must construct an appropriate frame around them in order to accompany them with everything you need.

In the part of the text that precedes the quotation, you must clarify who its author is and prepare a semantic basis for it; in the following explanatory part of the quotation, you need to show the reader why it seems important to you and what, in your opinion, is its meaning. When offering such explanations to the reader, it is important to use a language that accurately reflects the spirit of the quoted phrase.