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Any scientific work contains quotations from other sources in one way or another, so many students wonder how to quote to undergo anti-plagiarism. When checking for uniqueness, these fragments will necessarily be shown. Accordingly, the level of originality of the text will decrease.

Is it possible to get around this moment? Similar questions interest many students. But you should not despair, because the way out of this situation is simple. There are several ways to look at below.

Types of citations

There are two ways to quote primary sources. Accordingly, the result of uniqueness will be different.

Direct, or accurate quoting implies that you insert a quote from another text, without changing it. In this case, the originality of the text will be lower, and the anti-plagiarism program will indicate where the quotation is taken from.

The second type of citation is indirect copying. In other words, it is a usual rewrite. The uniqueness of the text immediately increases. And to determine the source is almost impossible.

How to hide quotes

Any computer program determines borrowed fragments, and the only difference is what percentage of uniqueness it will show. You can configure the program so that it skips texts taken from other works. There are several ways to do this.

Method one

Antiplagiat can see borrowed quotes and maybe skip them. The main thing is to issue a quotation correctly. We take the quotes in quotes, and in the document, we make a footnote indicating the source. It will be fair and fair to the other author.

Second way

We indicate the source directly in the text. For example, we write: As A. said, “the law extends …”, etc. So we will show to the examiner that we are not afraid of being caught in plagiarism, but we openly indicate what materials we used when writing the work.

Sites and programs for detecting plagiarism are made to find fragments borrowed from other sources. If they could be easily deceived, they would not be so popular. Therefore, a quote from someone else’s text is easier to correctly form and indicate the source than to engage in an attempt to circumvent the anti-plagiarism.